Open For Business

Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to let you know that during this unprecedented time Stromberg Allen is open and running under CDC guidelines. Our company is considered an essential business in Illinois within the Education and Communications Quadrant. This allows us to continue to supply printed manipulative and specialty items to our educational publishing customers.

The Covid 19 pandemic has restricted many suppliers to the educational publishing marketplace. We have learned that traditional overseas and Mexican suppliers are either closed or gradually coming back online after being quarantined. In many cases this has lengthened lead time for publishers. We anticipate that publishers will delay purchasing inventory because of the uncertainty surrounding school funding and school year reopen dates. The likely result is that inventory will be ordered later in the production cycle, but more often and in smaller quantities. Publishers will need a supplier that can be nimble and flexible in responding to their needs.

Stromberg Allen and Company is a Chicago area manufacturer that specializes in short run, short lead time education books and printed manipulatives for publishers. We have been in business since 1889 and have focused on the educational publishing marketplace since the 1960’s.

Chicago is one of the largest print manufacturing regions in the world with a wealth of highly specialized suppliers. Stromberg Allen has many decades-long relationships with key suppliers in the paper, print and finishing markets. These relationships enable us to obtain competitive pricing and rapid turnaround.

Our management and factory personnel are experts in handling any size project from small to large with hundreds of different ISBN numbers. Our automated collating and finishing lines, including the largest collating machine in the United States (capable of collating 28 X 40 sheets) eliminate much of the hand labor needed to manufacture educational manipulatives and kits. This shortens lead time and reduces labor costs.

Stromberg Allen is proud to offer creative and flexible solutions to our customer’s challenges. We offer strategic partnerships based on expertise, transparency and responsive customer service. Please give us a call if we can be of service or check us out at

Good luck to all during these challenging times and best regards,

Steve Kruchko
VP, Marketing Director